Thursday, June 25, 2009

Introducing The Practice

We are Architects by profession, Designers by career. We aim at instigating design at every levels from the smallest of the furniture to the largest of urban design. In between we dwell in the realm of design management, ultimately leading to the role of managing problems, from inception to execution. Sometimes, we wish that we could provide all possible artistic solutions, but reality bites as we will have to address the financial portions of the scheme as well. So, the collective works are somewhat compromised. However, we do keep the spirit burning of pure design, now available from our alter ego site: Take a dip, when you have the interest and time to explore more. As metaphysical as we would liked to be, we also provide authentic Chinese FengShui (KanYu) services ranging from astrological readings, site audits, site selection, date selection and finally, incorporating FengShui in our Design Management. We had bitter experiences with various Masters, resulting in gross butchering of our design process beyond recognition. We ultimately strive to excel in this area, by venturing into it. Next time around, designing memorial park or residential enclave is no longer a constraint. At the same time, we take the trouble to debunk fallacies and to advise potential client on the use of FengShui via our blog:

As with all services, we do accommodate reasonable revisions and with an appropriate professional fee, currently modeled on LAM scale of minimum fee rule.

Visit us at: The Practice

Introducing The Path of Metaphysics

YI has been my surname or the Clan name. In Cantonese pronunciation, it is called YEK. Among others, it brings forth the notion of change. As in YI JING, the Classic of Change. This classic has been the fundamental of the Chinese 5 arts, inclusive the science and art of recognizing the surface formation of earthly matters. The earliest form of the YI is recognize by the emblematic graphs containing a distinct compositions of the binary of YING and YANG. Further metamorphosis of these binaries resulted in a series of permutations called HEXAGRAM. These are sometimes called, YI without words, or the original YI, ZHOU YI. It is read as an emblematic YI, the fundamental of XUAN KONG. It reads as the following: -

Dragon is divided into TWO,
Trigram is derived into THREE portions,
The WAY is natural,

The notion of XUAN KONG has been mentioned as a phrase in Grand Master Yang's Text, probable the most eminent master in the Art of KANYU. However, liken to any arts of Chinese Metaphysics, it was left undefined. Some notable definitions are by Grand Master Jiang in his commentaries liked DI LI BIAN ZHEN, although with much invited debate from the SANHE purist school.

In token, this Blog is dedicated to the FENGSHUI studies as an integrated subject with Architecture, Built-Environment and the Antropo-Cosmo. Hopefully it will accumulate enough substances to be taken seriously by the western liked models of Scientific Inquisition, based on the ancient wisdom of YI.

Introducing Experimentation In Architecture

This is an experimental portal for Architecture from the smallest of a shed to the biggest of a City. Naturally, we find ourself dealing with S, M, L and XL. It is from these scales of artifacts, buildings and urban that we find our soul in design. Most of the products are either too avant-garde to be materialized or simply mind boggling in nature, so this is the place we shelf our seed of creativity for future use.

Here, we serve design raw as our breakfast, lunch and dinner, occasionally supper. There is no superstar here but just a smear of art, models, icon, poems, essays, frustration, commitment and rejection. Meanings there is a place called home for un-built works.

Occasionally it will serve as a domain for self reflection and self criticism, let alone as a document for an action and inaction in reflective of a thought in monologue. Feel free to explore...

Experimentation In Architecture

Introducing Exploration Of Life

It took me a while to understand as so much had been spent to travel and yet we are overly busy to snap shot our existence in every backdrops of scenery captured in the travel photos. Do we really need to proof we had indeed arrived at the destination?

Do we need to proof our existence? If not, why do we dwell in the dilemma of proof, given the beauty of a place, enjoying its spirit in form, smell, sound and essence of senses. Some times, simply difficult to even put into writings, let alone words of wisdom. Indeed life as we traveled, is the scenery of existence that most had taken for granted.

Perhaps we need to snap shot such proof of life in the photo of our existence consciously reminding myself as I had lived to see the world and I had lived long to tell a tale, but yet not long enough to behold its changes. Yes, from the generation of now to the others. Perhaps the sky no longer blue, sea no longer blue and the grass no longer green.

Until such a time, I knew for sure, I had lived to proof my existence. That the photo is no longer my tool of remembrance. Perhaps, memory itself is the very proof of the existence I had been bestowed upon. Yet, vividly be my companion of sorrow and happiness.

Perhaps all I need is drinking tea, living LIFE...


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