Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing Case Studies

Metaphysics are among others exsoteric in nature in terms of knowledge and applications. Jiang Da Hong has been instrumental in saying that the heaven wills shall not be disclosed. Similarly with the art of metaphysics. Unfortunately, with such myopic worldview, 6 of his closest disciples began to part their ways, not able to even allowing their followers to learn from each other schools. One school splits to 6 and these schools never come together. It sparks what the westerner called schisms, each trying to interpret their own way through the knowledge of Jiang Da Hong making most only half truths and half fictions. What is witnessed today is the bastardising of this art at its pinnacle. We hope that our forefathers will return to show us the path and it is with this spirit this blog is made available for seamless sharings.

We often speak about results. The bottom line of all FengShui boils down to results. No matter what method used, results must be obtained, be it good or bad. If it is good, why was the result good? Did the good results materialised as predicted and in timing? Did the good results are able to be quantify and be traced back to the method deploy? Even if the results are bad, the question is how bad? Is there blessings in disguise? Are the results taking too long to materialise? Why is such? What need to be done to put things together?

So, this blogs are meant to be a record of cases both successful and unsuccessful case study. The lessons are to note, why such success were achieved rather then ought to have achieved. If it fails to materialise the desire results, again more investigation needs to be looked at. So the blog is for serious practitioners of this art at an invitation basis for the moment.

So please contributes your case study as much as possible for a fruitful discussion.

Warmest Regards,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Destiny Reading

I take this opportunity to introduce to all the following blogs: -

When I started blogging in 2007 via YiFengshui, it was just a response to another blog which instigates a lot of negativity in the art of metaphysics. Surprisingly, this blog has met its natural death with its blog owner and his team of crappy personalities being carted away for some strings of litigation matters and injunctions. With such silence, aggressive respondents and commentators to my blog have reduced significantly and I can only make a simple conclusion as to such a phenomenon. So the reason for YiFengshui to exist is no longer valid.

However, along these years of blogging, new reasons for its existence such as a platform to communicate with experts and seekers of this field have grown, friendships have developed, lessons had learnt and bitter experiences of knowing the heart of the complex human beings are priceless. I owed much of these to two men, first, who is a master in Chinese Metaphysics of his own rights and a seeker of truth in Buddhism similarly second, to my teacher whom is a master in Design Theories and a seeker of truth in Islam, whom I had trusted. Same as with the numbers of people, especially the trinity who led me to a path less travelled in the wake of science and modernity, if misunderstood it is called hocus plus pocus. I must admit it is a good source to find out the hidden agendas in the many layers of human beings through the ethereal. So are the many psychics whom I had the opportunity to be associated with. I take this opportunity to thanks the many for a good lesson learnt and seek forgiveness from whom I had involuntarily offended by my writings and my thoughts. Saying thus, I had voluntarily removed permanently the columns called gossips from the internet, so much so that I believed, people deserved a second chance.

To err is humane, to forgive is divine. As a new chapter, to reinvent the objectives of this blog, I shall only continue to dedicate trivial matters about KanYu that I find interesting for sharing. I heed note that only through sharing will we grow in the art of Chinese Metaphysics and to avoid unnecessary troublemakers, the important notes and serious case study will only be made available through invitation only. So, to the serious researcher kindly drop me a personal mail should you wish to be included in this circle of fellowship, with just some simple non-monetary conditions to apply.

As my limited skills in blogging have improved, I had dedicated another blog for the art of BaZi, realizing that not many practitioners are interested in KanYu. At the same time, I am exploring other blog to be called design affinity, which is dedicated to consolidates all my thoughts which are in fragments into a collective whole just liked a tapestry of ideas blending metaphysics, travels, architecture and experiment in visual arts in a collective whole. This may not be a grand design of the Almighty but is significantly called a small TaiQi within a larger one.

Feel free to explore…

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Introducing Method Of Production

The programme is nothing new. It has its genesis from the Bauhaus and via the migration of the MODERNIST GURUS to the US; the same sort of programme has been implanted into the curriculum of the MIT, School of Architecture. Through the generosity of the Malaysian Government, JPA to be specific, at one time, to send the crème de la crème of the MARA scholar to the US, some of these scholars had the opportunity to dip into the these ex-Bauhaus programme and surface upward to be brought back to the Malaysian School of Architecture particularly the misnamed School of Housing Building and Planning, University Science Malaysia through the undying spirit of the avant garde ‘Guru’ of individual of this sort, En. Wan Burhanuddin (on the rim of retiring into the business of HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE then architecture); to be installed into the naive minds of the 2nd year freshies of whom, at the material time, the author was one of them. The curriculum was rigid for the sake that there are more old garde existed since the inception of the programme and the birth of the phrase “if you want a degree, go to the school and if you want architecture, go to the club”, takes form as a manifestation of the sort of suffering and loneliness one of this sort of avant garde has to bear in the mainstream school of Architecture in Malaysia. The seed of seeing beyond the four walls of the formalized curriculum has been sowed to create an undercurrent of movements in the students club which co-incidentally shared by all schools of Architecture including the AA which has manifested in the forms of publication named ACROSS ARCHITECTURE as compared to the official publication of AA FILES, Picking on this premise, the Architecture Club of USM has initiated a series of publication raging from INTERSTICES to AMOK at the students’ own pocket money without subsidy and aligned with the manifestos of the Architectural Workshops, at the time has managed to put forth a declaration to be further crystallized in the more current workshops in UM and UIA and to be met with a pre-mature DEATH of the commercial and institutional onslaught of insufficient funds and the lack of momentum and commitment.

Unlike the local scenarios, the neighboring school of Architecture across the Straight of Tebrau, namely NUS has a better luck due to its fame and the fact that it is the only school of Architecture in Singapore. This school hires experts from all over the globe. The ex-Bauhaus programme was infused in an Atelier Concept of Master-Pupil of which the author has the opportunities to experience from the credits of SIF-ASEAN Student Fellowship Funding which meets it natural death somewhere in 2004, from the prominent Dr. Edward Ng, now lecturing in HKU. The emphasis on Urban Design in the Singapore experience is prominent and it is not surprising to note that the UM curriculum, from the perspective of Prof. Wood, has a very strong grounding on Urbanism for which along side with the accreditation process from LAM has been criticized as being too urban scale inclined rather then building scale inclined. Again, the paradoxes of what is Architecture, an urban matter or just a building tech-tonic has been raised similar to the age old question of who is the planner for which LAM-PAM itself has a difficulty to qualify and just don’t mentioned what Housing, Building and Planning stands for as for that the genetic make up of architectural strand has been mutated and transformed into new species like COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE, totally beyond the scope of this discussion. The disgrace of lack of regard to urban design issues has led to the many embarrassments within the built environment fraternities some of which has been highlighted in the PAM-Discourse in the 80’s with the participation of Mega Stars liked Kisho Kurokawa, Dr. Ken Yeang (now, a Dato’), En. Hijjas Kasturi, Datuk Lim Chong Keat and the prominent educator from the AA the late Alvin Boyarsky. The shed of dirty linens are obvious and until today, not much improvement has been recorded unlike otherwise the revival of new classicism via the Putrajaya Master plan in accordance to the Middle East Model, of which spark another debate on its socio-cultural contextual relevance.

In the college things are different. Firstly, with the concern of legitimacy as a recognized school, the school of Architecture should not have existed. The author with many others would have probably out of jobs following strictly by a matter of recognition of the programme by LAM. Only with the virtue of LAN that the programme has been made legitimate but to an extend that, all of those in the system know too well, the graduates are not recognize as Pt I in the career path of an Architect. Secondly, college is not a drafting school either for the Diploma that is offered was tagged with the title Architecture for which the school serves as feeding platforms for overseas universities. In view of the paradox of such nature, with the lack of both direction and niche architectural education model or philosophy, again the ex-Bauhaus programme has been modified incorporating the 3 scale of artifact, building and urban in the modus operandi of discourses, implementation and documentation within the scope of master, project manager and crews has been implemented and tested and this time around the subject is DESIGN STUDIO 4. Presenting herewith are the accounts of such experimentation with the overview of the Brief and the products brought to you from the People who believes there is still tomorrow for Architecture.


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