Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Introducing Interstices Amok : A Chronology

A compendium of thoughts and ideas that has gone beyond the boundary of the Studio. Unconsciously, while I indulge in the model of productions during my Graduation years in the Faculty, there is a conscious attempt to break the boundaries and acceptable norms of the schools which unconsciously left a legacy for the future students to embark and to continue on, if not to break it. There is no precedent at that time, that the body of lecturers, whom are trained in the model of modernist Frank Loyd Wright styles, would accept the approach beyond water colors and pencil renderings to the much embraced model of deconstructions and blobs. Yet, it was proven that the yielding and desperate need to break the current paradigm goes beyond the needs to secure enough grades for graduation. That is why it is a RADICAL attempt which had paid off but yet was put aside as just another thoughts and ideations.

First we grace upon the Politics of knowledge. Next, we dwelt in the Anarchy where ideas are no longer on the drawing boards but the stage. Then, as the plot unfolds, we equipped with Arsenals, as our daily milk. Proceed on to be indoctrinated with Apostolic Architecture from the people of the Books. Not enough? We spread the gospel through the Workshop. Thereupon, a declaration is made to transform our current context into Gelugorium, a piece of Utopia made out of industrial waste. Just to match the existing Tapestry of Georgetown. Yet, we look beyond the sister historical context in Malacca and found the Radical approach that has yet to materialize into the Univers City. Such declarations are the pretext of our intellectual Revolutions. A platform for the Meeting of liked minded people is called. Yet, some appeared to be Innocent and stick to the old paradigm. Just that in the all embracing world of ideas, we start from Scratch. To embrace Stylism at its most infancy stage. That is capable to be translated in the Now Showing – Amok: A Chronology.

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