Friday, July 24, 2009

Introducing Case Studies

Metaphysics are among others exsoteric in nature in terms of knowledge and applications. Jiang Da Hong has been instrumental in saying that the heaven wills shall not be disclosed. Similarly with the art of metaphysics. Unfortunately, with such myopic worldview, 6 of his closest disciples began to part their ways, not able to even allowing their followers to learn from each other schools. One school splits to 6 and these schools never come together. It sparks what the westerner called schisms, each trying to interpret their own way through the knowledge of Jiang Da Hong making most only half truths and half fictions. What is witnessed today is the bastardising of this art at its pinnacle. We hope that our forefathers will return to show us the path and it is with this spirit this blog is made available for seamless sharings.

We often speak about results. The bottom line of all FengShui boils down to results. No matter what method used, results must be obtained, be it good or bad. If it is good, why was the result good? Did the good results materialised as predicted and in timing? Did the good results are able to be quantify and be traced back to the method deploy? Even if the results are bad, the question is how bad? Is there blessings in disguise? Are the results taking too long to materialise? Why is such? What need to be done to put things together?

So, this blogs are meant to be a record of cases both successful and unsuccessful case study. The lessons are to note, why such success were achieved rather then ought to have achieved. If it fails to materialise the desire results, again more investigation needs to be looked at. So the blog is for serious practitioners of this art at an invitation basis for the moment.

So please contributes your case study as much as possible for a fruitful discussion.

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