Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Destiny Reading

I take this opportunity to introduce to all the following blogs: -


When I started blogging in 2007 via YiFengshui, it was just a response to another blog which instigates a lot of negativity in the art of metaphysics. Surprisingly, this blog has met its natural death with its blog owner and his team of crappy personalities being carted away for some strings of litigation matters and injunctions. With such silence, aggressive respondents and commentators to my blog have reduced significantly and I can only make a simple conclusion as to such a phenomenon. So the reason for YiFengshui to exist is no longer valid.

However, along these years of blogging, new reasons for its existence such as a platform to communicate with experts and seekers of this field have grown, friendships have developed, lessons had learnt and bitter experiences of knowing the heart of the complex human beings are priceless. I owed much of these to two men, first, who is a master in Chinese Metaphysics of his own rights and a seeker of truth in Buddhism similarly second, to my teacher whom is a master in Design Theories and a seeker of truth in Islam, whom I had trusted. Same as with the numbers of people, especially the trinity who led me to a path less travelled in the wake of science and modernity, if misunderstood it is called hocus plus pocus. I must admit it is a good source to find out the hidden agendas in the many layers of human beings through the ethereal. So are the many psychics whom I had the opportunity to be associated with. I take this opportunity to thanks the many for a good lesson learnt and seek forgiveness from whom I had involuntarily offended by my writings and my thoughts. Saying thus, I had voluntarily removed permanently the columns called gossips from the internet, so much so that I believed, people deserved a second chance.

To err is humane, to forgive is divine. As a new chapter, to reinvent the objectives of this blog, I shall only continue to dedicate trivial matters about KanYu that I find interesting for sharing. I heed note that only through sharing will we grow in the art of Chinese Metaphysics and to avoid unnecessary troublemakers, the important notes and serious case study will only be made available through invitation only. So, to the serious researcher kindly drop me a personal mail should you wish to be included in this circle of fellowship, with just some simple non-monetary conditions to apply.

As my limited skills in blogging have improved, I had dedicated another blog for the art of BaZi, realizing that not many practitioners are interested in KanYu. At the same time, I am exploring other blog to be called design affinity, which is dedicated to consolidates all my thoughts which are in fragments into a collective whole just liked a tapestry of ideas blending metaphysics, travels, architecture and experiment in visual arts in a collective whole. This may not be a grand design of the Almighty but is significantly called a small TaiQi within a larger one.

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